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The ORIGINAL Green Man suits...and now Bear Coats too!

Welcome to BeGreenman, home of the original Green Man suit and now the bear coat inspired by Workaholics! Bear coats are awesome whether you’re a Blake, a Ders, or an Adam (or even a Karl). At only $119, our bear coat is a great way to show you are a true fan of Workaholics. Bear coats can also be purchased at a group discount. Order today; you know Blake would want you to!

Our Greenman suits are perfect for partying, sporting events, and any other time you want to stand out! We are based in New Orleans, so our Greenman costumes are made to have a good time. Unlike our competitors, we offer high-quality spandex Green Man costumes for only $35. Try out a Green Man suit in green, blue, or red. If you’re ready to instantly become the center of attention, order a Greenman suit.

For our Greenman costumes and bear coats, we offer group discounts and international shipping everyday. We want customers around the world to be able to get straight grizzly like the Workaholics with our bear coats and stand out with the Green Man suits. Even with your face covered, the Green Man costume lets your personality and inner ninja shine through. You’ll get noticed, get crazy, and have a great time when you’re rocking a Greenman suit. We also want you to unleash your inner Workaholic! Bear coats are warm and fuzzy but still definitely have some bite.

Look no further for top quality Green Man suits, the bear coat of your dreams or inspired by Workaholics

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